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*i wrote this post 2 weeks ago while lamenting the really sucky things that exist in our world.  i know my words don't change anything and i'm just another white girl trying to process things i can't possibly understand but writing this helped me find hope in despair and so i'd thought i'd share* Today I was planning on writing a blog about celebration.   But then life happened.   I read news of the horrors in Charlottesville. And then I passed by unthinkable poverty on the way to church.   I remain untouched by so much of it, being the white westerner that I am who can afford the nice apartment next to the cinderblock homes and piles of burning trash.   Somedays I can even ignore it all, being thousands of miles away from the hateful rhetoric in the U.S. and a lifelong beneficiary of white privilege.   But today was not one of those days.   Today I couldn’t ignore any of it.   So instead of celebrations, I’ll write about lamentations.   The word lament has