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I’m nearly four weeks into my time in Uganda and life has finally begun to find a steady rhythm.  While transitioning into life in another culture has been more difficult than I remembered, I continue to be amazed by the people God has placed in my life here and by the fleeting moments of clarity when I feel God’s call on my heart stronger than ever.  It feels like yesterday I was stepping out of the plane on my first trip to Uganda 4 years ago.   I vividly remember smelling red dirt and polluted air while sensing an unexplainable feeling of familiarity.   Within just 48 hours of being in this country, I knew this place was special and that it would one day be home .   Over those first two summers, Uganda completely captivated my heart.   I fell in love with the dirt roads and green hills, the vivacious people, their unbreakable spirit, and the tangible hope that ascended out of poverty and pain.   I spent those few months experiencing life in a way that was more broken y